Living Eggs Blog 2017

Primary 1 – Calderwood Primary School

Day 9

Posted by P1Children on Mar-21-2017

We can’t believe how much the chicks have grown over the weekend. They are much taller, stronger and have new feathers on their wings too.

Day 6 & 7

Posted by P1Children on Mar-21-2017

It is the weekend. The chicks are off home with Mrs Zabiega and her family. Thank you for looking after them for us Mrs Zab!

Day 5

Posted by P1Children on Mar-21-2017

We got to hold the chicks for the first time today! We loved feeling how light they were and stroking their soft feathers.

Day 4

Posted by P1Children on Mar-16-2017

All of the chicks hatched today! It was so exciting to see them breaking out of their shell. We have now moved them into the brooder box and got a chance to feel their soft feathers.

Day 2

Posted by P1Children on Mar-14-2017

Today we learned that the incubator keeps the chicks nice and warm and that one of the first signs of hatching could be some chirping noises. We have been listening very carefully but haven’t heard anything just yet!